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Strategic Mental Health and Wellbeing Management

It’s never been more important to face emerging health challenges, adapting your organisation to meet the needs of its workforce. No matter what position you find yourself in, however, we can build a bespoke health and wellbeing programme to drive positive change within your organisation.

What can our health and wellbeing management services do for you?

Whilst seven out of ten HR professionals agree that employee wellbeing is on their senior leaders’ agendas, too many firms are falling behind, unprepared for the challenges ahead.

And although it’s becoming more of a priority, the management of mental health and wellbeing within an organisation can quickly become over complicated, time-consuming, and costly.

That’s where The HSQE Partnership comes in.

Partnering with your team, our consultants can help you to:
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote better performance and increased productivity
  • Cultivate a healthier and more inclusive culture
  • Better the work-life balance of every individual in the workplace
  • Improve employee morale

What does our mental health and wellbeing management service include?

Our mental health and wellbeing consultancy service can work with established workplace wellbeing programmes or assist in building bespoke wellbeing programmes from scratch in order to meet your organisational objectives.

Our bespoke consultation will:
  • Establish a baseline of your organisation’s current level of health and wellbeing support or programme delivery
  • Guide you through the health and wellbeing options available to you
  • Recommend commissioned services, such as wellbeing apps, services and programmes that are validated and approved
  • Save you time by providing our expertise in a simple and effective package
  • Target some of the health challenges your organisation is currently facing
  • Engage your leaders and the workforce through a programme that fits your industry, providing a range of recommendations based on our findings
  • Use a public health approach with a validated evidence base to ensure best practice-informed guidance

What makes our approach to mental health and wellbeing different?

By working and consulting with some of the UK’s most respected wellbeing providers (including NHS public health services, VCS sector partners and subject matter experts), and by attending a range of city region workplace wellbeing meetings, we’re able to stay abreast of the very latest research, using evidence-based practice to keep our approach relevant, targeted, and effective.

Put simply, our goal is to deliver value for money through a service that is simplified, engaging, and suits the needs of your organisation and your industry.

I have worked alongside Ian and Dave from The HSQE Partnership over the last 5 years. Their proactive and industry leading approach to health, safety, and wellbeing is very impressive. As a team they have supported me in embedding an impressive behavioural safety culture and understanding within the Rail Systems team.

Danny Lane Head of Track and Electrification, Amey Rail

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