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Security Management and Consultancy

With threats from crime, and terrorism evolving, business peace of mind has never been more important. Thankfully, our Security Management & Consultancy service provides all the expert support you could need, not to mention the creative and balanced strategies your business deserves.

What can our security management and consultancy service do for you?

Bringing decades of policing and rail industry experience to the table, our expert consultants work alongside the police, public security officials, government bodies, security managers, architects, and developers to safeguard your business against loss, theft, and injury.

How can our security consultancy services help?

Our security consultants will use their experience in rail infrastructure security and cable and metal theft prevention – not to mention investigations, incident management, and personal security – to develop bespoke security roadmaps, tailored to the unique requirements of your business.

Put simply, every security threat identified will be followed by a robust plan designed to address it both efficiently and effectively.

Working alongside your team, our security consultants can provide:
  • Assessments of the accessibility of your project or business and how it can be impacted by criminals
  • Assessments of your existing security measures and any potential vulnerabilities
  • Reviews of company policies and procedures that focus on security or crime prevention
  • Insights into your project or organisation’s ability to detect and respond to security threats
  • Law enforcement and police liaison expertise
  • Complex and serious criminal investigation experience
  • Critical national infrastructure protection experience
  • National Railways Security Programme (NRSP) compliance knowledge and insights
  • Incident management support

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