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Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme – RISQS

Whether you’re an experienced supplier or new to the sector, if you’re a rail company looking to supply products or services to other rail businesses, you’ll need to be RISQS accredited.

What can our RISQS service do for you?

The rail industry’s way of obtaining assurance and managing risk, becoming RISQS approved requires companies to pass what can often be a time-consuming and laborious verification and audit process. And, whilst this can be a high-risk, demanding process for rail firms… we can help.

Gaining RISQS certification (and keeping it) is no easy task. That’s where our expert rail consultants come in, providing practical guidance, support, and resources at every single stage.

Backed by over 150 years of combined rail experience, we know exactly what’s required for a successful application. It’s no wonder, therefore, that we can support you throughout the entire RISQS process, from the implementation of your RISQS management system and your audit preparations, to the site inspections, internal audits, and ongoing training needed to maintain your accreditation for the long term.

What is the RISQS accreditation?

The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) is the certification organisation for the UK’s rail sector, as well as being the primary means of obtaining assurance and managing risk through a verification and audit process. And, whilst the exact requirements of the accreditation process depend on the products and services you’re offering, it’s typically split into two elements…

RISQS verification

All railway industry firms must complete a RISQS application and provide evidence of policies, procedures, accreditations, and certifications.

RISQS audit

As soon as there’s a critical safety element, however, your company must be audited. You can’t move to this stage of the process until you’ve been verified, at which point an auditor will come out and go through your paperwork to verify compliance and confirm that you have the necessary evidence in place.

How does a RISQS Audit work?

If an audit is required after verification, a RISQS Auditor will audit your company’s management systems, personnel and infrastructure to ensure that they meet the relevant RISQS protocols and rail industry standards for:

  • Rail safety
  • Construction safety
  • Quality
  • Environmental performance
  • Business continuity

If the audit highlighted any minor issues, you’ll be advised on how to improve and be given deadlines for compliance. If more major issues are flagged, however, this could put an end to your work out on track, with your team’s Sentinel cards potentially being refused.

How can we help you become RISQS approved?

We have a lot of experience with the RISQS process and how to guarantee a successful application.

Working in partnership with your team, we will:
  • Register your organisation with RISQS
  • Help you to complete and submit your questionnaire, along with the relevant product codes
  • Provide a bespoke Integrated Management System designed with the RISQS accreditation process in mind, including all the necessary policies, procedures and forms
  • Work with your management team to ensure that your IMS is embedded within the business, confirming that key requirements are cascaded down to your workforce
  • Support your team throughout the preparation stage of your audit, ensuring they’re on the right track for success
  • Provide on site support on the day of your audit, helping you to gain or maintain your RISQS accreditation
  • Provide a comprehensive support and updating service, including…
    • Site inspections
    • Internal audits
    • Ongoing training
    • Sentinel, Network Rail Rule Book, and rail-specific HSQE updates
    • Sentinel management and compliance support
    • IMS management and assessment

To summarise, we analyse your business, find areas for improvements and put in place measures to ensure that your company is in the best position to become verified, audited (if required) and, most importantly, to operate safely.

I have worked alongside Ian and Dave from The HSQE Partnership over the last 5 years. Their proactive and industry leading approach to health, safety, and wellbeing is very impressive. As a team they have supported me in embedding an impressive behavioural safety culture and understanding within the Rail Systems team.

Danny Lane Head of Track and Electrification, Amey Rail

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