Accident & Incident Investigation

The thorough investigation Accidents, incidents and near misses is key to managing your business health and safety performance. At the HSQE Partnership we build robust processes and procedures to help you investigate all events thoroughly. From there we support your business by helping you identify trends through use of your statistics business intelligence, our aim is to focus your attention on the true root cause and advise on preventative measures.


Our team of experienced consultants work with clients to grow a solid reporting culture by working with your business at all levels, thus ensuring that the Accident, Incident and Near Miss reporting processes are clearly understood and embedded throughout your business.

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Management of accident, incident, near miss and close call reporting

Reporting accident, incidents, near misses and close calls is a legal requirement and is key to helping your business learn, improve and prevent reoccurrence to avoid reputational damage.

We support our clients by developing and embedding robust processes and procedures into their management system. From there we provide training and awareness programmes to help the business understand the importance of reporting these events, we find that this helps to obtain buy in at all levels of the organisation.

It’s really important to understand the factors that have contributed to these safety events, understanding the true root cause is key to preventing the occurrence of similar events in future.

Accident investigation comes in many different forms and the HSQE Partnership ensures that we adopt a consultative approach to fit with our client’s requirements. Our investigation process will follow a methodical, structured approach to ensure all relevant information is gathered, collated and analysed. Our investigations are fully independent thus giving our clients a high degree of comfort that a robust investigation has been conducted.

RIDDOR Notification & Support

If a significant accident occurs in your workplace that results in serious specified injury, or as a consequence an employee has to take more than seven days off work, or if an employee is diagnosed with an occupational disease, this needs to be reported to the HSE. 

We can provide with the necessary support to assist you with the RIDDOR reporting process to ensure that they meet their regulatory obligations in a timely and efficient manner.

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