Resilience Training

Resilience in the workplace is the ability to manage stress, to be able to keep going through tough times and to be able to ‘bounce back’ from any adverse or stressful situation.


Vitality Wellbeing can come into your workplace and provide sessions on resilience and equip your employees with the tools to build resilience effectively.

Resilient employees cope better and are more likely to be productive even when faced with challenges or stresses.

Our resilience training session will provide attendees with:

  • The ability to understand resilience and it’s importance
  • The tools to learn how to become more resilient
  • The ability to manage negative thoughts and learn how to overcome them
  • The ability to recognise stress and learn how to manage it effectively

These training sessions are ran by ex professional sportsmen and women. They have first hand experience of overcoming challenges both in their profession and in their private lives and have often had to do this whilst being in the public eye. These sessions are engaging and interactive and can be adapted to include other areas such as:

  • Work/life balance
  • Mental fitness
  • Mental health

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