Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

Did you know that the average working adult feels stressed almost a third of their working day?

Employees can feel that they are at “breaking point” due to increased levels of stress in the workplace, this can be due to a number of reasons such as, fear of failure, overload of work, unrealistic expectations and many more. This coupled with the everyday pressures associated with life outside of the workplace can significantly increase pressures on your workforce and can contribute to sleep loss which will have a massive impact on productivity.


Individuals can often turn to a number of coping mechanisms to help aid these stressors, such as alcohol and drug use that result in poor concentration, increased sick days, physical and mental health issues. 

Meditation and Mindfulness can provide you employee with a range of skills that will help that to cope with these workplace and lifestyle stresses and will help improve your workforce’s overall health and wellbeing, that in turn will have benefits for you as an employer such as: 

Business benefits: 

  • Increase in productivity 
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Reduction in absence costs 
  • Improved staff morale
  • Recognised as a positive and caring employer

Employee benefits: 

  • Reduction in stress levels 
  • Happier, healthier employee’s
  • Improved sleep pattern
  • Improvements in concentration 
  • Reduce sickness
  • Career progression through improved workplace performance 

Our Meditation & Mindfulness teachers are fully qualified and accredited with the British School of Meditation and have significant experience of working in the public and private sector to understand your business and your employee’s needs when it comes to wellbeing and looking after your employee’s. 

Sessions will be tailored to include:

  • mindful breathing techniques to help stress and aid sleep patterns 
  • a range of guided meditation including the associated benefits
  • mindfulness activities
  • relaxation techniques 
  • plus, many more…

All of these skills will be utilised by your workforce to help reduce stress and anxiety or simply to provide a sense of deep relaxation and inner calm.

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