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Vitality Wellbeing Partnership specialise
in corporate Health and Wellbeing

We are committed to providing employers with the relevant resources to really look after and empower their employees to take charge of their own health and wellbeing. Our services will not only promote you as ‘a good employer’ but it will show your employees that you really care.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing can improve many areas for you as an employer for example:

  • Reduction in sickness/absence levels
  • Reduction in employee turnover
  • Reduction in employee stress levels
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved morale
  • Become a “great place to work”

We can also assist with company policies in areas such as Mental Health, Musculoskeletal and Drug and Alcohol mis-use.
Take a look at our services and see how we can help you achieve optimum health and wellbeing in your organisation.

Meet the team

Lorraine Grainey

I originally come from a corporate background of staff management in a large insurance company. When I look back at the resources available to me to effectively manage my team I now realise how limited my options were. My staff and myself if I’m honest often felt that they were “just a number”. I had to deal with many challenging and stressful situations as well as with staff members who were struggling with their mental health – all with no real guidance or training and limited resources to help them or myself. I often felt stressed and over-worked and felt helpless in helping others.

Along came my family and I was lucky enough to be able to take the time to be a stay at home mum and bring up my boys – my proudest achievement.

On returning to work I decided I needed a less stressful role as the demands of the corporate world didn’t fit in with family life.

I worked in the NHS for 8 years as a Healthcare assistant – a job I truly loved. The ability to be able to help people and to ‘make a difference’ was my driving force. During this time my husband and his business partner set up our sister company ‘The HSQE Partnership’.

With my boys at high school it was time I could put a little more focus on my own career. I have a real passion for Health and Wellbeing. This was mainly due to my past experiences but also a real personal interest in achieving optimum health. I decided that I wanted to change the way employers think about health and wellbeing. Just at the right time I bet my business partner Andrea Trimble who shared my passion.

I successfully gained a diploma in the management of Health and Wellbeing and ‘Vitality Wellbeing Partnership’ was born. I also attended a Mental Health First Aid England course and am now a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

Since then I have also achieved a VTCT diploma in Massage therapy – this allows me to make a real difference on a one-to-one basis not only physically but mentally too. I am continuing my studies with a complementary therapy diploma.

I am now doing a job I truly love – really making a difference and helping workplaces do the same.

Meet the team

Andrea Trimble

I have worked in the  public and private sectors over the last 20 years and have had first-hand experience of both managing and experiencing workplace health & wellbeing. 

Whilst in my early 20’s I was promoted to team manager for a large Utilities company where I was expected to manage employee’s sickness, attrition etc. However there was little support  to promote health & wellbeing, coupled with me not having the skills and knowledge to support my staff with any mental health or wellbeing issues. 

After being in this company for over 10 years, I decided whilst on maternity leave with my second child to take voluntary redundancy, to be able to spend time with my children. I therefore took a part time role in a local GP surgery.

However after a couple of years I was eager to challenge myself after feeling that I had much more to give now that my children were growing up. 

I made a decision to go back to university to study social work which was due to me wanting to make a difference to people’s lives. 

Following gaining my degree I went on to  work for 5 years as a  front line social worker in the child protection arena . I experienced the demands and pressures of holding down a busy and stressful job whilst trying to raise a family, run a home and still expect to find time for me!

This is where I began to experience the Local Authorities poor responses to  how they supported their staff in very demanding and stressful roles .

It became clear to me whilst I was trying to manage the health and wellbeing of the children and families I was responsible for I received no support to manage my own wellbeing. This ultimately led to me experiencing “burn out”. 

I realised that even if  workplaces have  policies and procedures in place to manage employees health and wellbeing they do not always have managers who have the skills and knowledge to manage this. This  results in employees working too many hours, not accessing the right support and leads to a negative organisational culture. 

I decided for my own wellbeing to leave a job I once loved, however it made me determined to want to help organisations to understand the importance of looking after their employees’ health, mental health  & wellbeing. 

I successfully gained a NEBOSH Diploma in health &wellbeing in the workplace. I also trained with the British school of meditation to become a Meditation & mindfulness teacher. 

This is where Vitality wellbeing partnership began.


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