Site Inspections & Audit


Site Inspections

We design our site inspection programmes to align with your programme of works and company risk profile. This ensures that we target your key risk areas and help you tackle any non-compliances at source.

Our team work with you to remedy any issues and we believe that any issues or non-compliances raised should be closed as a team. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in conducting site inspections, our collaborative approach gains buy-in from the team at all levels to ensure that the process remains focused on finding the right solutions for a better outcome.


We structure your audit programmes in line with your specific management system and accreditation requirements. From there we use gap analysis techniques to identify key improvement areas within your management systems, policies, procedures and processes. We study your management system first and then we monitor the application of your systems and processes on site. We develop your audit reports to identify any key actions raised thus supporting the continual improvement process.

Performance Measurement

We analyse the data generated by your site inspections and audits and provide detailed trends and analytics to help identify any key improvement areas for your business. We design the data set to ensure that key improvements can be made through using the business intelligence to drive results right through to the core of your business.

Our feedback

Our clients have informed us that we deliver our site inspections and audits in a manner whereby those working on the site, at the venue or on the specific project understand that our  inspection and audits are about protecting them and the business reputation.

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