Do you need some specialist input to PQQ or Tender?

The HSQE Partnership can help you with this, nearly all PQQs feature a health and safety section and its really important that you provide a good quality submission as failing to do this can prevent you from progressing to the final tender stage.

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Sometimes it’s also good to have someone from outside of business to conduct an independent review and validate PQQ’s and Tender submissions prior to issuing the final revision to the client, it’s really easy to miss things when you have deadlines to meet.

The HSQE Partnership will work with you to ensure that you maximise your scoring by helping you to gain marks in the final PQQ and tender assessment, by tailoring you a high quality response for each question supported with key evidence and case studies.

PQQ and Tender review services, how does the review process work?

Our review service is intended for companies who don’t require our bid writing services, but who would like someone from outside of the business to conduct an independent review, and an external point of view to make sure the submission is of the highest quality.

What You get from the PQQ & Tender Review Service:

  • Fully marked-up documents, with comments and suggested amendments
  • A detailed review against the PQQ or Tender remit and questions
  • Detailed review of each response with detailed feedback
  • Review of case studies and quality of evidence?
  • Advice on visual presentation
  • Input from experienced bid writers
  • Review of related policies, processes and procedures provided for the submission
  • Detailed proof reading

How Does It Work? Simple steps

  • We confirm the costs upfront based on the word count
  • Agree a review timescale with you
  • Provide your feedback in such time to allow you make the necessary amendments prior to the final submission.

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